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2 and 3 Year Entitlement


Pricing Policy on Free Entitlement hours

3 Yr Entitlement

Free entitlement hours, only, are delivered at no cost to families: no registration fees or charges for food or deposits. On offer through the funded hours are either 11 hours per week, all year round or 15 hours per week term time only (38 weeks of the year). Hours are based on the session times that we offer, which can be seen on our fees lists. The entitlement can be used in more than one child care provision.

The entitlement is offered to 3-year-olds from the term after their third birthday until they start school. We also offer two-year entitlement, should parents be eligible for this.

To receive either form of free-entitlement funding, parent’s must provide us with 1) an original copy of a current (within three months) utility bill or social security/benefit letter which is stating a date and the child’s address; 2) an original birth certificate or passport. This information must be received and copied by us no later than two weeks prior to the “headcount day”* and 3) if eligible for the two-year funding, the code provided by Northamptonshire County Council beginning with AF or INT, otherwise the free entitlement session offered to you may be refused by us on the grounds of incomplete registration.


Using the free entitlement in combination with the nursery contract (over the 11 hours or 15 hours per week):

Hours per day x Number of days = total hours per week
Total hours per week – weekly grant entitlement hours = Total paid hours per

Total paid hours per week x hourly rate = Weekly Fee
Weekly Fee x 52 / 12 = Monthly Fee

If you intend to use the nursery for more hours than the free entitlement you are required to give six weeks notice of leaving on the nonfree entitlement hours as these are the contract terms for the nursery contract. If within two weeks of our shut down week, eight weeks notice is required.

We have been given a lot of information and this does seem to frequently change however we can advise you with further information, should you require this.


*The official head count day as suggested by N.C.C

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free entitlement
free entitlement