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Hours are charged at £4.25 per hour with discounts for days of 10 hours or more. No discounted offers are made for combinations of hours. Second child with the lesser cost is discounted at 10%


There is a cash handling supplement to all parents paying this way of £5.00 each week To be made calendar monthly in advance of the month’s childcare. Payments need to be received by us by the 1st of each month. Should you require to change your payment date to the 7th of each month, please arrange this with us. An additional weeks payment is required to cover the adjustment if changed to the 7th.

Extra Sessions and Overtime

– Payments must be made by card on site.

If extra sessions are required and there is confirmed availability, the rates are changed at £5.00 / hour (for whole hours only). Authorised overtime is charged at £2.50 per half hour and £5.00 per hour. Un-authorised overtime costs are £2.00 per 5 minutes. If after 6:00pm, the charge will be £5.00 for every 5 minutes. At 8:00pm social services will be called as our policies suggest. No sibling discounts are offered on overtime or extra sessions

Administration Fee

There is a £5.00 fee for all administration requirements.

This is charged only where administrative requirements are made by parents.

This covers administration costs.

Notice Periods

We require a 6-week notice of either a change of hours or leaving the nursery. This increases to 8 weeks if the notice period falls over either one of our two shutdown periods:

  • August bank holiday + Tuesday to Friday
  • Christmas holiday (25th Dec to 1st Jan)

Meal Provision

There are no changes for meals or drinks. The meals provided are as follows:

  • Breakfast        8.30-9.00am
  • Snack               10.00-10.30am
  • Cooked lunch 12.00-12.30pm
  • Snack                 2.00-2.30pm
  • Dinner               3.00-3.30pm


The parent must supply all nappies and wet wipes for their children.

Fees will be charged if parents repeatedly don’t provide for their children.

Late Payments Fee

There is a £20.00 fee for each day that payment is late


View or Download our latest fees lists:

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