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Terms of Business

Terms of Business

  • (Please note all fee options may incur price changes, these are subject to viability and ongoing costings analysis)
    • For Security reasons I agree to shut the doors after entry and exit and to ensure nobody else enters or exits the nursery or interconnecting rooms while I do so unless they are in my care.
    • I am aware that Flexible hours does not mean Flexible terms.
    • I am aware that Late payments will be chased and charged, I agree to pay fees by the 1st or by the 7th, as agreed on registration. £20 Admin fee will be added to any late payments which have not been agreed, for each day that they remain outstanding.
    • I am aware that the nursery will give notice to persistent late payers.
    • I am aware that the nursery will end contracts with persistent late or early arrivals that leave their children at a time not booked as this threatens our carer to children ratio and Ofsted registration.  The nursery will not be required to give notice.
    • I understand that breach of policy or statute principles may lead to immediate notice.
    • I am aware that ‘Early drop off’ OR ‘late collection’ charges OR emergency overtime will be charged, pro-rata to next 15-minute band.  The charge will be 3 times my hourly rate per band.
    • I am aware that authorised overtime, booked in advance, will be charged at £7 per hour, regardless of my normal hourly rate. See the overtime table below.
    • I agree to my child being treated by the emergency services should this be required.
    • I agree to provide sun cream for my child in the summer months or to subscribe to the nursery sun cream provision.  I also agree to my child having sun cream applied by a member of nursery staff.
    • I agree to Child Development Studies and Records being kept on my child, this includes photographs being taken and distributed with diaries and via email to myself and the group of parents who are with my child.  I also agree to records on my child being kept on computer, please refer to our GDPR Terms and privacy notice
    • I agree that photos and observations on my child may be included in the portfolios of trainee carers and developing nursery staff on the understanding that their real names will not be used, please refer to our GDPR Terms and privacy notice
    • I agree to a member of staff administrating medicines/providing treatment to my child or in the case of an emergency as staff consider necessary.
    • I will inform the nursery if my child has had medicine within the last 8 hours, to avoid double dosing.
    • I agree to be responsible for having my child collected immediately, if my child is unwell, or if there is a need for the child to be removed from the nursery.  I will ensure that someone will man one of the telephone numbers on the enrolment form, or an alternative that I give to the manager for this purpose.
    • I agree to collect my child myself or if somebody else is going to collect him/her I will contact the nursery, so a password can be obtained and given to the person I am authorising to collect my child.  I will not give entry codes to third parties.
    • I will advise the nursery if my child has taken or needs to take any kind of medication that day and will not leave any kind of medication or potentially hazardous substances in my child’s bag or on their peg.  I will give it to the Manager or unit Supervisor, and sign the appropriate form if staffs need to administer the medicine.
    • I will label all my child’s clothes and possessions that are taken to nursery and provide spare clothes.  I will also provide nappies, wipes, cream and cotton wool in a bag for my child if they are in nappies. I agree to dress my child in play clothes, shoes with backs and covered toes, (please no heels) and without dangling jewellery i.e. earrings must be studs.
    • I agree to my child going on impromptu trips, going on foot or using nursery or public transport.  I will not send my child to nursery if they are unwell and ask that they are not sent out.
    • I agree to my child playing in the garden and on the garden equipment including the trampoline and take responsibility for this as long as appropriate supervision is in place. I will not send my child to nursery if they are unwell and ask that they are not sent out.
    • I agree that my child may appear in promotional materials for the nursery.
    • I have access to the nursery list of policies and will advise in writing should a copy of the entire policy be needed (file in reception, a copy can be taken overnight £2 deposit) should I wish to study them further.  Policies are all reviewed annually.
    • I undertake to advise the Nursery in writing of any changes to the information given as soon as possible after (and where possible before) the change(s) have taken place.
    • I understand that the charge for attendance is at the currently publicised rate and is payable if the child is absent through sickness or on holiday. The rates are payable during bank holidays and the shutdown. The nurseries are closed during the week period Christmas day (25th December) to New Year’s Day.
    • Extra sessions if notice is given in writing and if there is availability are charged at the rate of Authorised overtime (see the table below).
    • I understand that 6 weeks notice is required for any reduction in hours or for leaving the nursery, with an extra two weeks necessary if the notice period includes shutdown. In the case of grant, one term’s written notice must be given.
    • I understand that if there has been a proven issue with regards the level of service, management will consider a reduced notice. The notice will start at the commencement of the complaint. I understand I will need to apply in writing for this consideration. Please note that another child biting or hitting your child can happen in any educational establishment however outstanding. This is painful and emotional for parents but please allow time for problems to be worked through. Also, a soiled nappy can go undetected even in outstanding nurseries. We may allow a reduced two week’s paid notice for these two scenarios.
    • I understand that any change of hour requests may take up to 6 weeks.
    • I am aware that after an initial 1-month period all change of hour requests will be subject to a £20.00 admin charge.
    • All complaints must be given in writing within five working days of the incident to be considered as part of the notice period.
    • All the above conditions are subject to annual review. Significant changes will be advised to parents by email.

Consent form for the administration of medicine

If whilst your child is at nursery they suddenly come down with a high temperature we need the following consent signed in order for us to administer Calpol, or similar. We also need to have a supply of your own Calpol on site as we are no longer permitted to supply this for your child. We will happily hold two sachets of Calpol for your child but this needs to be clearly named and provided at the time of this form being returned.

Policy on food products that contain nuts

So many foods now seem to be labelled ‘may contain traces of nut’ or ‘have been produced in a factory where nuts are used’ and because of this, we are finding it impossible to avoid these products. We, therefore, cannot guarantee that there will be no nut traces in the environment.

If your child is known to be allergic to nuts please ensure we are informed immediately and that an epi-pen is provided. We are told that an epi-pen can provide effective first aid to the allergic reactions which produce the shock and throat swelling, which is life-threatening. An epi-pen must be prescribed by a doctor and nursery staff must be trained on their use.

We will try to be nut free but as they seem to be virtually unavoidable at the moment we cannot guarantee a 100% nut free nursery.

Special Dietary Needs Foods Provided by Parents Approval Form

I give permission for my child to have food provided by me the parent/guardian that will be heated to a temperature of 82 or more degrees in a microwave and served at an acceptable temperature for my child to eat.

I understand that I must provide the food in a microwavable container with a lid and clearly marked with my child’s name, the content of the container, date prepared best by date and cooking instructions on the container.

I will always provide the food thawed (if it has already been frozen) as I understand that the nursery is not allowed to defrost any foods that I may provide.

I understand it is my responsibility to give the container of food directly to the member of staff on duty each day that my child attends.  Staff will not cook any food that has not been refrigerated, because it was left in the child’s bag.

Home from Home records the food temperatures in accordance with ‘Food Safety (Temperature Control) Regulations’ of all food that is heated on the premises and these records can be accessed upon request.  We cannot take any responsibility for any ill health that results from food supplied by parents.

I agree to the above conditions and would like to provide special dietary food for my child to be consumed within the nursery.