Our Care Ethos

Our Care Ethos

Our ethos is

To provide a “Home from Home” in whose welcoming walls we see children thrive, with fun and laughter.

Our ethos is simplicity itself and every parent works with this: Fresh air, lots of activity, healthy food and good comfortable sleep.

We aim:

  • To provide for children a happy and inviting place to have fun with others; in environments that are homely, comfortable, stimulating and exciting.
  • To reflect traditional values and fun such as home-cooked food, regular outings, and small, friendly play groups.
  • To accommodate the child’s and parents’ needs.
  • To deliver education and care through strong communication and effective relationships.
  • To provide a flexible service that meets and understands individual childcare needs.

At The Nannery we focus on both ‘Educare’ and ‘Educere’, (the latin terms for education through books and education through social education). We teach life skills and social skills. The children may one day help lay a table, another day pour their own drink or wash their cup. Interacting with different age groups teaches them to understand differences. They see how others behave and learn how to be patient and to socialise with peers, as well as those older and younger.

The rooms intersect with each other, which allows children to move between areas. This is invaluable for interchange and for confidence building, especially for children moving up to the next development group, who still require cuddles from the last key workers and old friends. We offer excellent facilities and resources for all age groups. Our childcare costs are competitive and the service we offer is comprehensive. We are proud to succeed with children because with us they have that at home feeling. The children who come to the Nannery have the best care, stimulation, and fun.