A baby at ABC123 enjoys the time and attention of all of us: They are never left to cry and are gently put to sleep. Rocked, cuddled, stroked, whatever little quirk and pattern your little one has. We always have the time and want to see that every child is kept comfortable and happy.

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Whether it be language, music, or physical/ emotional stimulus, we see every moment they are with us as an opportunity. Exposing your child to fantastic opportunities as young as this sets the building blocks of knowledge and wisdom in later years. You will observe how they pick up social nuances from other children.

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Home from Home


What is important, we feel, is to offer exceptional care in a beautiful, very comfortable environment. We also want the children to enjoy space and traditional, practical experiences such as cooking, gardening and creating. We hope that these skills and experiences can become intrinsic to the children’s lives,

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Free entitlement hours are delivered at no cost to families, no registration fees, and no charges for food or deposits. On offer – an allocation of free hours of childcare (per year) are provided for all eligible children. This is offered as 11 hours per week, 50 weeks per year (all year) or 15 hours, 38 weeks per year (term time). These free hours are subtracted from the child’s weekly hours.

Subject to availability.

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