Babies are very special to us. Even though they are very young and small, we believe they have their own little personalities and individual characters. We follow a flexible timetable to give our best to each child and to suit the parents.

For all new parents, we offer pre-visits to discuss the babies’ needs and requirements. We have baby diaries where the child carer will write down information such as how much milk they have had, what they have eaten, details of nappy changes and what activities they have had.

High hygiene standards are imperative in a baby room to keep them healthy and safe. Individual bedding sheets and blankets are provided by the nursery and rigorous regimes of cleaning and maintaining equipment are scrupulously managed.

What will my baby do?

Your baby will go out every day between 9.00 – 9.15am for 15 minutes to 2 hours, subject to weather conditions and venue. The fresh air helps them sleep better and aids their appetite. We believe they are happier and healthier babies due to this regime.

A baby at ABC123 enjoys the time and attention of all carers: They are never left to cry and are gently put to sleep. Rocked, cuddled, stroked, whatever little quirk and pattern your little one has. We always have the time and want to see that every child is kept comfortable and happy.

We stimulate the babies as much as possible throughout the day, using visual aids, musical toys, soft toys and rattles. The company of other children will also stimulate your child, aiding and supporting their rapid development. We talk and sing to them, keep them clean at all times and involve them in the other activities going on.

Cuddles and attention will help your baby feel secure and comfortable. They will grow up better able to communicate and interact with children of all age groups. We believe that confidence with your peers and elders is an invaluable skill that nursery life with The Nannery gives them.

“Children, particularly babies and children under two years, develop a very strong sense of belonging and settle well into the setting. Children attend settling-in sessions which allow them to become accustomed and familiar with the new environment and staff members.”