We use the term ‘toddlers’ in our nursery when what was a ‘baby’ has become extremely active. This adventurer has now become more interested in exploration than cuddling and you cannot stop their curiosity. For this reason, it is imperative that a nursery moves the toddler to the appropriate environment in a timely manner, to maximise on the child’s hunger for knowledge of the world around them.

Whether it be language, music, or physical/ emotional stimulus, we see every moment they are with us as an opportunity. Exposing your child to fantastic opportunities as young as this sets the building blocks of knowledge and wisdom in later years. You will observe how they pick up social nuances from other children.

What will my toddler do?

Your toddler will start counting, knowing the days of the week and months of the year. Naturally, we appreciate that success with any child is only possible where emotional needs are met first. We achieve this by making your child feel secure. In the interest of each child’s sense of security, we warn that a child starting with us may find it difficult to settle with one session a week as it does not allow a cautious child enough time to build trust.

Sometimes we enrol toddlers with habits such as biting, dummies etc. However, in our nursery environment, we turn these situations around in three steps. Firstly, we make them feel secure, loved, and special. Secondly, we give them so much stimulus indoors and outdoors that they are distracted and diverted and we exhaust them through this stimulus, letting them learn throughout. Thirdly, we are firm and consistent. This means that they quickly begin behaving and any ‘old habits’ cease.

“Very young children develop very positive relationships with each other and staff members, who are kind and caring. Children in this age group particularly enjoy and benefit from singing and dancing sessions, looking at books and one-to-one support from adults.”