Parent Partnership

Parent Partnerships

We develop this relationship by making parents very welcome to come into the rooms to see the children during the pickup and drop off times. Also each term there are very well attended parent evenings. These are social gatherings with free drink and food. Here children and siblings are cared for while parents are given the opportunity to look at the nursery and their children’s work. Parents get to meet other parents and chat openly or privately to staff.

Parents are invited in to give talks, join in on in-house courses, volunteer, attend trips, and join in on the Halloween and Christmas parties. Parent’s are involved in the weekly themes and contribute to the workings of the nursery by bringing in items.

As well as this each parent receives an emailed version of the daily activities. These daily diaries are prepared by the staff in each learning stage. Also, individual diaries containing specific information on feeds, nappies etc. are given for all children.

Learning journeys are also prepared for each child and in these we have samples of work, copies of observations and photographs of them.

The folders also contain assessment material on the progress of the curriculum goals these tie back to evidencing when goals are met with dates and examples of how the child demonstrated that they had achieved the relevant aim.

More recently we have developed daily one to one books which are populated by the keyworkers on every child. Parental input is invaluable with these books and optimises child, nursery, parent liasons.

The nursery is run with integrity; the needs of the children are the most important aspect of our work. The parent’s are aware we are always trying to make the best decisions for their children and we enjoy overwhelming continued communication where parent’s thank us for this.

Parent committee minutes, questionnaire forms, verbal and written responses and other correspondence demonstrate our response to parent’s suggestions and our flexibility to accommodate individual needs.

Management support staff and there is zero tolerance to parents being rude to staff. We always listen to parents. If ever there were a concern the complaints policy is detailed within this section.

“We take a lot of care to settle our children and parents into using our nursery and making them feel like they belong”

This setting develops exemplary partnerships with parents, other settings and a wide range of key agencies. This ensures each child’s uniqueness is identified and their individual needs are continuously met. As a result, children are fully included and are achieving as much as they can, taking into account their starting point and their capabilities. Children’s safety and welfare are robustly and consistently promoted and protected through comprehensive policies and procedures. Extensive training opportunities and ambitious vision for the setting ensure high and continually improving standards across all areas of practice.